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Friday, June 12, 2015

Headphone Not connected but shows Headphone Icon and cant use phone w/o head set

Problem : My Mi3 Phone always shows headphone connected icon. Cant hear music, etc  and cant speak without headphone over Speakers. Any number of factory reset is not helping.

Solution: It is because of some dust like cotton fibres, etc gone inside the headphone slot. After sucking air from the headphone slot twice or thrice - remember not blowing inside - the icon went away. And the thing is, as seen from the google search, there are so many persons owning all brands of Phone affected like this.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Latest] Mi Phone Manager : (English) for PC for new Xiaomi Mi 3 Redmi buyers in India and English Supported Countries

Resources to Download :

Click here to download the Setup Files :

Steps to install:
  1. Start the setup with ADMINSTRATIVE rights , right click on setup and select /Click "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
  2.  After Mi setup Finishes Kindly Close the Setup
  3.  If still missed closing it , a error will pop up like this , just Close the mi phone manager from System tray , press Retry
  4. Killing process " Mi phone manager.exe and MI phone helper.exe "on TASK MANAGER ( ctrl+shift+Esc) , then press retry.
  5. Only Patch Setup can Work On any Version above V2.0 , just be sure Miphone manager is not running in background