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Thursday, January 9, 2014


1. Freshers – fresh out of college, lost, scared, asks for access cards, directions

2. The 2yr experience guy – bored with IT, wants to startup but won’t, only bakchodi

3. Excel guy – Team Lead kinda guy, no coding skills, good at assigning tasks

4. Maska marne wala (Boss’s pet)

5. The rolling-eyes – stares at everyone, specially at the other sex

6. The Invisible man – unnoticeable, gets the least number of tasks

7. The phone guy/gal – always on the phone (probably talking to the “louve” of their lives) :P

8. The Credit Thief – steals appreciation, shows-off at conference calls

9. Onsite bugger – boring & bechara (listens to client’s gaalis) & angry

10. The Slog – work is worship, works on weekends, gets hospitalized due to work

11. Gossip Raja/Rani – the watercooler guy/girl, first one to know and spread office gossip

12. The Foodie – food is fuel, munches every 5 minutes

13. The Piggyback – can’t survive work-stress on own, piggybacks on someone else’s shoulders

14. Smarty Pants – blows their own trumpet the loudest, works the least

15. The geek – knows everything, can do everything, everyone wonders why he still hasn’t switched to a better job

16. The Pushover – gets cajoled into doing other’s work, emotional, nods to everything

17. The Higher Studies folks – preparing for CAT, GRE, dreams of better bucks

18. Honeymoon Period guy – has resigned, serving notice period, won’t work, laughs at others\

19. Chai-Sutta guy – the loudest, takes everyone to the chai-tapdi

20. The 6'o clock work-life balancers – leaves office at 6, no questions asked (or answered)

21. Enthusiasts – the bloggers, players, artists, trekkers, CSR guys etc.

22. The Cheapster – hesitates to pay for chai, sutta, breakfast, lunch when in a group

23. Senior Managers – the freshers atleast know a few things, but senior management is completely lost

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