Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Latest] Mi Phone Manager : (English) for PC for new Xiaomi Mi 3 Redmi buyers in India and English Supported Countries

Resources to Download :

Click here to download the Setup Files :

Steps to install:
  1. Start the setup with ADMINSTRATIVE rights , right click on setup and select /Click "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
  2.  After Mi setup Finishes Kindly Close the Setup
  3.  If still missed closing it , a error will pop up like this , just Close the mi phone manager from System tray , press Retry
  4. Killing process " Mi phone manager.exe and MI phone helper.exe "on TASK MANAGER ( ctrl+shift+Esc) , then press retry.
  5. Only Patch Setup can Work On any Version above V2.0 , just be sure Miphone manager is not running in background

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