Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Track your Health Insurance Claim online on ICICI Lombard Website

How to check Your Health Insurance Claim Status online in simple steps:

1) Visit

2) You will find the following screen:

3) Select the card type which was provided by the company for your Health Insurance Policy.

4) You will be shown one more screen where you need to fill the details of your Claim Number or AL Number

5) You need to enter any 1 of the 2 fields in order to track your claim. Claim Number or AL Number.

6) And finally the Status/Details of the Claim will be shown on the Screen like below

Now file RTI online on

Hey Friends now you don't have to stand in Long queue and wait long at government offices.
Now you can file a RTI in just few steps online.


Launch on 21st August 2013 4 PM IST

Facility to file RTI Applications online to all central Ministries.

Features available

  • File RTI applications and First Appeals online to central Ministries.
  • Online Payment of RTI fee - Internet banking of SBI, Debit/Credit Cards of Master / Visa.
  • Reply is Sent online.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Find your Lost Android Phone in just few minutes using Android Device manager

Android Device Manager 
The feature, announced earlier this month, lets you easily find, ring, and even remotely reset your Android device from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Up till now, you'd have had to go out of your way to install (and sometimes pay for) a third-party utility in order to get such functionality. Now it's built right into Android, whether you realize it or not -- and it's always ready and available, with no added apps or running services required.

It took a little while for Android Device Manager to roll out to everyone, but so long as you're running the now-ancient Android 2.2 or higher, it's patiently waiting for you this very minute. In order to unlock its full potential, though, there's something you need to do.

It's easy: Just grab your phone or tablet, open up the app called Google Settings (look in your app drawer -- it's there), and select the option called Android Device Manager. Then make sure the boxes for both "Remotely locate this device" and "Allow factory reset" are checked. The first one should be activated by default, but the second -- the one that could really save your hide in a bind -- has to be enabled by hand.

Once you've got both those settings confirmed, you're all set. Just go to from any mobile device or computer, and you'll see your phone pinpointed on a Google Map. You can ring it -- at full volume for a full five minutes -- or, in a worst-case scenario, perform a factory reset and wipe all your info right then and there.

If you have multiple Android devices connected to your account, clicking the small down arrow next to the first device's name will show you a list of every phone and tablet you've got. Just be sure to follow the steps we just discussed on each device -- right now -- so they're all fully activated and operational.