Saturday, March 9, 2013

Use your ration card regularly, or it might be cancelled

If you do not use your ration card regularly, you could stand to lose it under new rules from the Controller of Rationing. To retain your card, you will now have to buy ration with it every month, failing which the card will be canceled in three months. If you own a white ration card, you will have to fill in a form ever year to keep it valid.

Dr Ashwini Joshi, Controller of Rationing, has issued a circular asking all ration shop owners to informed her office if any card holder has not used his card for three consecutive months, and intends to cancel all such cards.

"This is actually a drive to detect bogus cards in the city. The process is continuous, which is why we have launched this drive. All card holders have to get confirmation on their ration cards that they bought goods from an authorised shop. In case someone fails to do so for three months, the card will be suspended," said Pramod Salve, deputy controller of rationing.

"We are compiling data on card holders who do not buy ration. In such cases it will be deemed that the card is not in use and probably bogus. But we will not take further steps without verifying all the facts," he added.

In case the holder plans to be out of the city for over three months, he or she will have to inform the shop owner so that the card is not suspended," Salve said.

"White card holders will have to fill in a form every year stating that the holder lives at the address mentioned on the ration card,” he added. Naseem Khan, minister of state, confirmed that the circular had been issued. He said, "I told the department that they can continue their drive to detect bogus ration cards, but should not trouble genuine card holders.”

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