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Adding Your Company’s Mail Exchange Server to Your Cellphone Enables Remote Data Wiping Erasing

Adding Your Company’s Email Synch/ Microsoft Exchange Server to Your Cellphone Enables Remote Wiping

You had IT set up Microsoft Exchange Server on your personal phone so you could get corporate email and stay in touch. You also, likely unbeknownst to you, gave them the power to remotely control and wipe your phone.
If you've linked your personal smartphone to your company's network via their Microsoft Exchange Server you need to be extra diligent about backing up your data to your personal computer or syncing it to the cloud. In doing so you gave them the power to control your phone from afar, turn functions on and off, and nuke it from space. NPR reports:
The phone doesn't need to download any new software. All that's necessary is for the phone's user to configure it to receive e-mail from a Microsoft Exchange Server - the kind most big companies use.
Once that's been set up, an IT department has the capability to wipe the phone and turn off functions like Bluetooth, the Web browser and even the phone's camera.
"The reason why you see such a long list of various policies and controls is because different organizations want those controls," says Adam Glick, senior technical product manager for Microsoft Exchange.
He points to the peace of mind the system offers to people whose phones have been stolen, and who can rest assured that all the personal information contained inside can be erased from afar.
Glick says employers sometimes need remote control of other functions, like the camera, to prevent leaks. "If you're having an important meeting about the future finances of the organization and people put that up on a slide, and someone might take out their camera phone and take a picture. And then they might go and, say, post that to the Internet," Glick says.
If you're thinking that sounds like a far fetched scenario that wouldn't affect most people, consider how a simple toggle in the upgrade of a Lifehacker reader's corporate email server altered his phone.
If your company has an up-to-date Exchange server, merely adding your Exchange-based work email to your iPhone also enables a remote wipe option.
I first discovered this when my boss (the network admin) upgraded Exchange and accidentally disabled all of our phones' camera features (since "disable camera" was the default for some reason). Exchange can also enforce passcode complexity and change frequency requirements, and/or force you to enable the feature that wipes your phone if someone repeatedly enters the wrong code.
There's also an option to remotely wipe all data from the phone at any time. If your company has the Outlook Web App configured, you can view which devices have access to your email and wipe any of them remotely yourself.
While these features exist for a reason (such as wiping a phone with sensitive corporate data when it is reported missing) that doesn't change the fact that an accidental activation could wipe your personal data. Back up your contacts, photos, and other personal data on a regular basis to ensure such accidents don't deep six your data. Visit the link below to read the full article at NPR.

Update Samsung Galaxy S advance to Jellybean Serbia 4.1.2 Without Rooting

Update Samsung Galaxy S advance to Jellybean Serbia 4.1.2 Without Rooting

1. Upgrade to JB (SER Ver)
Download :

Installation :
  1. Extract the tar.md5 from the above zip file if you download from the mirror.
  2. Turn off your phone.
  3. Make sure Samsung Kies program is not running on your computer at that time.
  4. If it is, just close Kies.
  5. Put your phone in download mode(Now press volume down key+ home key + power button together simultaneously for few seconds until you get haptic feedback from your phone i.e. until your phone vibrates to enter download mode. Now press volume up key to confirm that you want to proceed ahead when asked to do so on the screen.)
  6. Connect the phone to PC
  7. Download Odin V3 1.8 from here and Open Odin v3 1.8* 
  8. In ODIN program, you’ll see a box colored with com number indicated. In the log section of ODIN program, it’ll display Added message. This indicates that your phone is successfully detected by ODIN program.
  9. Click on PDA button and browse to the firmware extracted folder and select the firmware file.
  10. Choose the tar.md5 in the pda section. Leave rest untouched.
  11. Flash.

Once it completes,

After completing everything, you’ll find that all your previous apps, messages, contacts are intact. Well, don’t be hopeful because you might face several problems like no network connectivity after flashing jelly bean firmware on Galaxy S Advance, or the UI screen very laggy, or excessive RAM usage, etc. To solve such issues and to experience speed Jellybean butter effect, you have to factory reset your phone.

So, Switch Off your phone.

Press Volume up key + Home button + power key together simultaneously to enter recovery mode.
Use volume up/down key to navigate through the options and power key to select/execute a particular option.
Select Wipe Cache here.
Now select Factory Reset.
Now Select Reboot.

Yippie you should be all set to go.

If you still want more so that your Phone get more smooth
Then i have a simple method how to make ur JB (XXLQB) smooth

2. Root ur devices!
Download link :

Installation :
- Download the zip and place it in the root of your sd card.
PS : SD Card is a must.
- Reboot to the stock recovery. (Vol Up + Home + Power)
- Select install update from external storage.
- Select the file.
- Bingo…ur rooted now!!! No more warranty :P

3. Install CWM recovery!
Download link and walkthrough! Read if u wish to understand! :

Installation :
- Download the zip. (CWM
- Put it in the sdcard.
- Reboot to recovery. (Vole Up + Home + Power)
- Select install update from external storage.
- Flash update .zip from the recovery.

4. Change Kernel to CoCore-E 5.0
Download link and walkthrough! Again, read if u wish to understand! 
Keep scrolling down until u get the and download :

Installation :
- Download the file
- Put it on the sdcard
- Reboot to CWM recovery (Vol Up + Home + Power)
- Select install / flash from external storage
- Choose the file
- Bingo!!!! check setting > about device > kernel

5. Deodexed Version (optional). Make it if u think necessary 
Download link : and follow the method..


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Apply for a ration card online

Ration Card Online

Ration card is a very important nationality as well as identity proof. Besides, it also provides the right to purchase goods from rationing shops. A person can apply for a ration card online.
To get a new ration card, the applicant will have to follow the below mentioned steps:
  • Collect the application form for ration card.
  • Forms are available at any office of Food and Civil Supplies department.
  • Fill up the form properly.
  • Specify properly the name of the state in which you wish to get new ration card.
Now the applicant will have to show/submit all the following documents with Ration Card application form]
  • Voter identity card.
  • A Rs. 2 worth of court fee stamp
  • Residential proof
Any one of the following documents may be considered as residential proof
  • Receipt of tax payment
  • Document of rent agreement
  • Gas bill
  • Bank passbook
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Letter mailed by post office in your house
All of the above documents have to submit in jurisdictional range office.
If the applicant wants to get a new ration card in a new area, but have an old one at his/her previous residential place, then the process will be little bit different.
  • The applicant will have to submit surrender certificate of previous place.
  • The applicant should submit deletion certificate (in case of married person who moved to another place due to marriage.
In both the above defined cases the Ration Card is issued in the same day.

Use your ration card regularly, or it might be cancelled

If you do not use your ration card regularly, you could stand to lose it under new rules from the Controller of Rationing. To retain your card, you will now have to buy ration with it every month, failing which the card will be canceled in three months. If you own a white ration card, you will have to fill in a form ever year to keep it valid.

Dr Ashwini Joshi, Controller of Rationing, has issued a circular asking all ration shop owners to informed her office if any card holder has not used his card for three consecutive months, and intends to cancel all such cards.

"This is actually a drive to detect bogus cards in the city. The process is continuous, which is why we have launched this drive. All card holders have to get confirmation on their ration cards that they bought goods from an authorised shop. In case someone fails to do so for three months, the card will be suspended," said Pramod Salve, deputy controller of rationing.

"We are compiling data on card holders who do not buy ration. In such cases it will be deemed that the card is not in use and probably bogus. But we will not take further steps without verifying all the facts," he added.

In case the holder plans to be out of the city for over three months, he or she will have to inform the shop owner so that the card is not suspended," Salve said.

"White card holders will have to fill in a form every year stating that the holder lives at the address mentioned on the ration card,” he added. Naseem Khan, minister of state, confirmed that the circular had been issued. He said, "I told the department that they can continue their drive to detect bogus ration cards, but should not trouble genuine card holders.”

Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Use Wi-Fi Direct on Android Mobile Devices & Samsung Galaxy Devices

It seems weird that people still transfer files between each other using Bluetooth. Actually, most of Android users especially those who have got Galaxy Smartphones don't even know or ignore a very important feature.

That feature is known for Wi-Fi Direct which allows users to go beyond the maximum speed of Data Transfer on their devices.

What is Wi-Fi Direct Technology?

It is originally known for Wi-Fi (Peer to Peer) Technology which allows devices to connect with each other without an access point. Apparently, smartphone users can benefit from it to share or transfer big files in an incredible speed that goes up to 250 megabits per second which is way faster than any other similar File Transfer methods.

If we compare it to Bluetooth then results would noticeably differ for the benefit of speed and range regarding to the fact that it only has a speed of 3 megabits and and a range of 30 feet. While Wi-Fi Direct already has a speed of 250 megabits and a range of 200 feet.

How to Enable Wi-Fi Direct on Android?

It is very simple and I am going to explain it in simple steps so just open settings on your device by clicking the Menu Button.

Once you have clicked the menu button of your device you would see that list of options and you are going to click on Settings (See Below).

Now you are looking at the Settings Screen just find that word (More...) under the "Wireless And Network" tab then click on it.

So that is the final step just tap on the Wi-Fi Direct option under the "Tethering And Portable Hotspot" tab to switch it on.

How to Use Wi-Fi Direct for File Transferring?

Once you have enabled the Wi-Fi Direct in your settings it will ask you automatically what device you are wishing to connect. What you are going to do is tapping on the device you want to transfer files to it (See Below).

Well, now you just need to go to the file that you wish to send so just locate the left-bottom of the screen to click on "Send Via" button and choose Wi-Fi Direct like the picture below.

The system will attempt now to scan for Wi-Fi Direct Devices automatically and you will have to choose the one you wish to transfer the file to it. To do so, just click on "Send To This Device" under the name of it.