Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to make Drop down and use across different sheets

Many times we have to write the same values in the Excel sheet and we dont want to write the same text again and again, instead we want a selection menu or a dropdown to populate data for us and we just have to select it.

Lets have a look at the very powerfull functionality of Excel which is known as Data Validation Tool.

Lets learn how to create a drop down in list and to use across multiple sheets.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel by cliking on Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office-> Microsoft Excel

Step 2: Select a row and enter data where you want to put the data which will be used in Drop down list.

Step 3: Click on the Data Tool on the Excel Ribbon on Top

Step 4: Click on the cell in the same worksheet or the different worksheet where you want your drop down to appear.

Step 5: Click on Data Validation Tool and select Data Validation

Step 6: AFter you select go to the setting pop up and select "LIST" as the Validation criteria allow.

Step 7: Click on source and select the range to show in Drop down.

Step 8: Select Range and click on OK:

Yipee! You are done with the Drop Down with values you provided in source.

You can add more values in the Source row and it will automatically be added in the Dropdown list.

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