Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things to check before buying a second Hand- Used Cars

*1)Number of previous owners?

*2)Type of Registration: Private or Tourist?

*3)RTO where the car is Registered : If you are not staying under that RTO you need to Transfer it from the old RTO to the Nearest RTO you stay. Which also requires NOC by the old RTO.

*4)Year of Registeration?

*5)No. of Kilometers Travelled?

*6)CNG or without CNG ? (If CNG, Does it have a Record on the RC Book)?

7)If the car was ever involved in an accident?

Check RC Book *8)Blue book( Registration Certificate)-  Check if it is a duplicate or not.
Check Engine No and Chasis number are matching with the Numbers in the Registration Papers. Check the state of registration, mentioned in the papers.

9)Insurance Certificate- This is the most important certificate of the car. Check for any prior accidents claims. This certificate is a must for any transfer by RTO.

10)Road Tax: Ensure that the seller gives you the papers related to road tax or clears all payments before he sells the car to you.

*11)Car Color : whether it is chnaged or not and if changed is it entered in the R.C Book(Registeration Certificate).

12)Previous owner took the car on Loan?

13)If you are planning to buy a used car that was bought on finance by the seller, remember to collect the following documents in addition to the above-mentioned ones. Try to get the original invoice of the car from the owner.

14)NOC (No Objection Certificate): NOC issued by the finance company. This document ensures that the finance company has no claim on the car anymore.

*15)Check AC condition
(While having a Test Drive Try to use the AC and Drive it on Low Gears to get good Idea about AC. If the AC is not in good condition its cooling goes down after running for 15-2-0 mins)
Check the AC by taking a round in the afternoon, check how it functions with a/c on / off climbing a slope.

Misc. check:
16)Any previous mechanical problems

17)Check For Audio System/Music System

18)The maintenance history of the car

19)If the Tyres are not in a good condition, there is a chance of bargaining for up to 1000 rupees. Look for the wear and tear and also the alignment. Check bushings, springs and sounds from the bearings. Wheel bearings can be expensive.

20)Check for Lights Front and Reverse

When you Pay:
Form 35: You must keep a copy of this form duly signed by the financier.
Take a Recipet from the Seller with a Revenue stamp with details of the car and AMount you bought it for Personal Record Purpose.
Give him a copy of the same so that he has the record that after this you will be solely responsible for the Car.

* Very Important points to check

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