Monday, January 7, 2013

How to pair nokia bluetooth headset with samsung android phones

Last week i was finding it really difficult to pair my nokia bluetooth headset to pair with Samsung Galaxy s Advance my Android phone.
I did a small R&D and found that many people are facing similar kind of issue.

Steps i followed:

1) Turned on Bluetooth on my samsung
Device by going to Settings:->Mobile and Wireless Networks:->Bluetooth

2)Completely swtiched off my bluetooth device by doing a long press :(Red Light blinks when it turns off)

3)Pressing the Bluetooth device for 7 seconds it starts blinking "which is a indicator that ists in pairing mode"

4) Clicked on scan bluetooth devices on my Samsung device and bingo! here i found my bluetooth headset by some other name.

5) Add it If its ask password enter either of the following:

    0000  or 1234

And Here you go happy talking on phone while driving !!!