Monday, December 31, 2012

BEST Bus Services Contact Details

A) General Bus Operation information and In Emergency :
Traffic Control Room/Bus Control Room Tel no - (91-022)-24137937/ -24143611 / 24184489 / 24146262
Ext - 801
Fax -
+91 - 22 - 24146532
Toll Free Number 1800 227550
B) Bus Operation Suggestion for Routes :-
  • Refund of Passenger Balance :
Superintendent Ticket and cash
1st floor,
Traffic Administration Building,
Wadala Depot,
Mumbai 400 031,
Maharashtra, India.
  • Accident and Claims :
2nd Floor, Mumbai Central Bus Depot,
Mumbai Central,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,
(91-022)-2308 7393
  • Lost Property Claims :
Senior Administrative Officer
( Traffic )
2nd floor,
Traffic Administration Building,
Wadala Depot,
Mumbai 400 031,
Maharashtra, India.

 S. S. Pasalkar
 (91-022) 22842090, 22856262 Ex.867

 S. V. Mahajan
 (91-022) 22185541, 22185794

 (91-022) 23079951, 23087393

 (91-022) 24227686, 24224420

 A. J. Jawkar
 (91-022) 24145237, 24128845, 24146887

 (91-022) 26421981, 26423602

 V. B. Zambre
 (91-022) 24091232, 24074648

 S. G. Jakhi
 (91-022) 24074445, 24074336

 K. B. Pallav
 (91-022) 24081606, 24081605

 (91-022) 25564136, 25563386

 P. R. Gawari
 (91-022) 25588248, 25588466

 (91-022) 25113432, 25114858

 D. D. Waghulde
 (91-022) 24076955, 24078213

 (91-022) 25170166, 25171157

 (91-022) 28221790, 28328501

 (91-022) 26615341, 26616705

 (91-022) 26761953, 26761955

 (91-022) 26761848, 26761985

 P. A. Kulkarni
 (91-022) 28860400, 28860864

 (91-022) 28400613, 28400109

 (91-022) 28320180, 28327084

 (91-022) 28051618, 28052354

 M.Y. Chavan
 (91-022) 28671965, 28678129

 (91-022) 28808873, 28808874

 (91-022) 25694659, 25694938

BEST and Railways Lost and Found Mumbai Contact Details

Mumbai has one of the best public transport systems in the country. Local trains and BEST buses criss-cross across the city and its nodal cities, Thane and Navi Mumbai . Then there are the black and yellow local taxis and autorickshaws. All in all, the public transport facilities are a real boon to commuters!

What happens if you forget your personal property in one of the trains or in a bus or taxi? Forgetfulness is a standard trait of many people, no less of commuters. Leaving a shopping bag in a taxi or a briefcase in the overhead luggage rack in the train has increasingly become a common feature.

Don’t despair though! Here’s how to locate your lost property:

1. Property lost on the Western Railway (WR) trains
* Contact the Railway Protection Force (RPF) @ : 23004000
* You can also get in touch with the Station Master or the Government Railway Police.
* An item that is not claimed within 7 days is sent to the main Lost Property Office at Grant Road station, where it will be auctioned after 15 days.

2. Property lost on the Central Railway (CR) trains :
* For items lost in trains to and from Lokmanya Terminus at Kurla, contact the Lost Property office. Call @: 67462621 / 67462618
* An item that is not claimed within a month gets shifted to the Wadi Bundar Goods Depot near Sandhurst Road station. Call @: 67455426
* For items lost in other CR trains, you could locate it within 1 month at the Lost Property Office at the CST cloakroom near Platform 13 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Call @: 67455127

3. Property lost on a BEST bus :
* An item left behind on a bus is tagged by the bus conductor with the date/time/bus route no./signature of the bus conductor. It is then deposited at the BEST Lost & Found department at Wadala, opposite Ambedkar College. Call @: 24128596
* Remember to mention the bus route when calling about your lost property.

4. Property lost in a black and yellow Taxi :
* An honest taxi driver will deposit an item left behind by a passenger at the Mumbai Taxi Union (MTU) office in Mumbai Central.
* MTU Office: Navjeevan Society, Building No. 1, 1st floor, Lamington Road, Mumbai Central, Mumbai – 400 008. Call @: 23078409 / 23078414

Acknowlegdement : Some of the details & contact numbers have been obtained from the Hindustan Times,dated August 31st, 2009 .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to find-track-trace your lost-theft Mobile-cell

I lost my cell last week. it was a painfull day for me.
Did someResearch on how to track my lost phone and came through some usefull information.
What one should do if thier cell phone is stolen?

All Mobile have unique IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number, no two mobile have same number it is totally unique , to check your IMEI number dial *#06#
with this IMEI  Number you will get so many information about your handset and maker of the mobile and manufacture place ,etc

If some one stole your mobile then Follow Below given step which will help you to get your mobile back
Follow this step
•First submit your FIR if your mobile lost or stolen
•Then submit your FIR to your service provider
•Then ask your service provider to trace your number
•If your mobile is switched on and it has different Simcard then it will trace easily
•If your simcard is not activated then also your mobile can trace
•You can ask your service provider to Block your IMEI number
•Service provider use a shared hosting service for blocking IMEI numbers
•Witch mean if your mobile have different sim then also Your mobile  not work
•your service provider get that sim number which is used for you IMEI Number
point to Remember :
•when ever you purchased new mobile then take your IMEI number and note it
•if your mobile lost or stolen then  call to your service provider and block your number
•then go to your nearest police station and give written complete that is FIR
•and take one copy for you
•then submit this copy to your service provider

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Google Developers!!! The next Generation of Computer Science

Google is just becoming too much advance in technology , People have started referring Google as God of Technology. As we can find Google in each and every day to day activities.

But the best part what it has launched is the open source technology for its platform so that end users can use its technology according to their needs and they can mould it accordingly.

The key to the Technology is 

Starting with my first post on this blog

Since many days i was wondering to get a a personal blog so that my friends and relatives get to know about me, my work and my activities. I had a alternative of social networking sites like facebook, twitter but that is cluttered with too much of spam and crap.
Here we go with start of my own blog.